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Virtual Field Trip I - Mexico / Belize 2002 (Yucatán Peninsula)

At 'Ground Zero', the center of the Chicxulub Crater

Drilling the 'Smoking Gun' - at the drillsite of the ICDP borehole Yax-1 in Yaxcopoil, south of Mérida, Yucatán

Anhydrite - the 'Dino-Killer' in a quarry of Upper Cretaceous evaporites, 130 km from the crater rim

Upper Cretaceous limestones from the marine Yucatán platform near Chetumal / Quintana Roo

Easter Sunday 2002: 'Collecting Eggs' from the ejecta blanket at the KT boundary, in the Albion Quarry, Belize

At a 'matrix-coated boulder' within deposits from the Chicxulub ejecta blanket (Albion Fm.), near Chetumal

Field Images - Mexico 2003 (Yucatán Peninsula)

Basal contact of the ejecta blanket (not yet confirmed) near Reforma, 284 km from the impact center

In the Sandoval quarry of the ejecta blanket, 298 km from Chicxulub Pto.

Ramonal (335 km from the centre): a strongly sheared basal ejecta bed is overlying a karstified Upper Cretaceous land surface

Strong internal frictional forces are visible at the Sabidos locality (344 km from Chicxulub)

A lithologically distinct ejecta locality (Tesoro) in the south-central part of the peninsula

As well part of the ejecta blanket is most likely this breccia locality near Nicolas Bravo with strongly abraded clasts

Field Images - Mexico 2004 (Yucatán Peninsula)

Dr. Charles Shaw at the contact between the karstified Cretaceous and the ejecta blanket in a new quarry at Xul-Ha, near Chetumal

A small break in the Ucum quarry of Upper Cretaceous dolomites

Discussing soft-sediment deformation (overturned fold) at the Reforma locality

Measuring shear planes at the Sabidos locality of the ejecta blanket

At a small quarry of Upper Cretaceous limestones near C.A.Madrazo. Note the karst topography with smooth karst plains between the hillsides

Internal deformation features within the ejecta blanket at the Sarabia locality near Chetumal (discovered in 2002, see above), which has evolved to a large size quarry

Upper Cretaceous reefal limestones from the Cerro de Pavo Fm. overlain by heavily sheared white marls at Tesoro

8 of april: after work done at the Ukum quarry of anhydrite (Campeche), 220 km from the crater center

* The phrase "Ex Libro Lapidum Historia Mundi" is taken from the second chapter of Walter Alvarez' book "T.rex and the Crater of Doom" and from the logo of the "Osservatorio Geologico di Coldigioco" (OGC), Italy. With kind permission of Alessandro Montanari, OGC.

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